Wood printer for chipboard coding - overview - REA JET DOD

Chipboard Coding

Chipboard marking with the large character inkjet printer REA JET DOD. The chipboards are marked on the side with a print height up to 10 mm.


Wood printer for OSB boards - overview - REA JET DOD

Printing on OSB Boards

OSB boards are marked with product information, dimensions of the board and manufacturer´s code. The boards are printed from the top on their flat…


Steel marking of steel pipes - lateral view - REA JET DOD

Steel Tube Marking

Coding of steel pipes with production date, work-shift numer and production ID. The steel marking can take place under heavy unfavourable industrial…


Steel printing of steel welded tubes - overview - REA JET DOD

Steel Tube Marking

Direct marking of steel tubes with a diameter from 10 to 45 cm are marked with a single line of text in a character height of 48 mm with logos and…


Aluminum marking of plates - overview - REA JET DOD

Printing on Aluminum Plates of various sizes and thickness

Aluminium plates must be marked according to international standards with up to 10 lines of text consisting of manufacturer name, plate type and batch…

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