Direct marking of plastics

The seamless traceability of plastic items is becoming standard. Times of batch stamps and indenting wheels are over. Today, molding parts and extruded profiles are serialized step by step on the meter. More and more granules or compounds already contain laser-sensitive additives. Thus, contrast through laser marking can be achieved. For many plastic items, however, an individual component ink marking of every single part is sufficient – but that must adhere. This is why we provide hundreds of formulas.


Areas of application

  • Component marking for traceablility
  • Oil application to easy assembly
  • Marking of extruded PVC profiles for windows
  • Marking plastic pipes with company logo
  • Multi-colored dot and line marking for product type differentiation
  • Application of location and position markings
  • Product information, batch number, 1D and 2D codes
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