Customer information of our ability to supply - Coronavirus

As of 18.03.2020 - Update - Current assessment of the impact of Corona pandemic on our ability to supply

According to the latest information (dd 18.03.2020), we still consider our current delivery situation to be uncritical despite the increased risk. In…

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Large character inkjet printer - fingerprint - 02 - REA JET DOD 2.0

Unique like its owner - the Porsche 911 becomes unique with technology from REA JET

The experts at Porsche Paint Shop have thoroughly tested almost any systems for direct printing available on the market and examined them for…

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K-Label Robot Labeling Solution - REA LABEL

Modern intralogistics: Almost impossible to run production and logistics without reliable marking

At the LogiMAT 2020 the coding and marking specialist REA will be presenting its systems and product innovations. They support the internal flow of…

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Inkjet printers for high-point markings - REA JET ST

From raw rubber to ready-to-ship tires – all products reliably marked

Systems for contact-free coding and marking in all phases of tire production will be presented by the full-range supplier REA JET at the Tire…

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Print and Apply System delivers the packaging label - REA LABEL DS

Etichettatura automatica: più facile, più veloce, più affidabile

Due società prestigiose attive a livello globale hanno sviluppato il sistema di etichettatura automatica: Kawasaki Robotics, con esperienza in robot…

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