Plastic printing with REA JET HR: clean, hi-res and smudge-proof - small size - REA JET HR

Pipes from K-Aqua, marking by REA JET

REA JET experts suggested their thermal inkjet printer REA JET HR. Directly after the extrusion, pipes are printed contact-freely with a strong…

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Metal printer for paint pails and metal paint cans - controller view - REA JET SC

Coding of paint buckets and metal cans

Coding of synthetic (PP) paint buckets and metal paint cans with the expiration date and batch number in many languages with REA JET SC Continuous…

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Plastic marking of extruded profile boards - single print head - REA JET HR

Marking of extruded profile boards

Extruded profile boards made of PE plastic, which were laid in concrete to cover the inside of water reservoirs, are marked with an alphanumeric text,…

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Plastic marking of water pipes - lateral view  - REA JET DOD

Marcatura di tubi dell'acqua in PE

Incisione di tubi dell'acqua in plastica PE (diametro tra 80 e 10 mm) con nome dell'azienda.

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Coding of foam blocks - lateral view - REA JET DOD

Marcatura di blocchi di schiuma

Incisione di blocchi di schiuma con il marcatore a getto d'inchiostro macrocarattere REA JET DOD con testa di stampa a 32 ugelli per caratteri altri…

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