Customer information of our ability to supply - Coronavirus

As of 02.04.2020 - Update - Current assessment of the impact of the corona pandemic on our ability to supply

Dear customers and partners,

we manufacture, purchase and distribute thousands of articles, inks, primers, cleaners and paints all over the world, including to system-relevant production facilities.

Currently, only very few of our suppliers and logistics partners are affected by temporary business interruptions. In some cases, distribution partners are no longer able to visit customers on site. In Europe, Italy, Spain and France are currently particularly affected.

For urgent emergencies in system-relevant production plants, please contact our hotline (+49 (0)6154 638 1112) directly to clarify the circumstances and possibilities.

REA has worked out suitable and sufficient solutions and taken precautionary measures to maintain business at the production location in Muehltal. Our highly motivated and loyal team is working in a concentrated and so far very successful way to maintain all supply chains and to meet specific customer requirements.

Also the certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, which is only valid until April 2020, was extended for another 3 years last week. The 3-day inspection by the TÜV was successfully passed.

For all our customers and partners, who are facing great challenges themselves and yet produce and work, we have taken precautions to the best of our knowledge.

According to the latest update (02.04.2020) we are able to supply all customers, subsidiaries and distribution partners.

We wish all customers, partners, suppliers and employees health and success to overcome and to survive all this together!

Muehltal, 02.04.2020

Michael Neuschäfer - Managing Director

Wolfgang Pauly - Managing Director 


As of: 18.03.2020 - Current assessment of the impact of Corona pandemic on our ability to supply

Dear customers and partners,

According to the latest information (dd 18.03.2020), we still consider our current delivery situation to be uncritical despite the increased risk. In order to be able to support and supply you in the best possible way, we have taken further precautionary measures.

Many of your REA contact persons are now available from their home office.

Numerous other measures have been taken to reduce the risk of infection and to maintain our ability to deliver. The complete production and service team is now working in 2 independent teams, physically separated from each other. Thus we increase our availability and flexibility for production and service, and at the same time reduce the risk of complete failure in case of an infection in one of the two shifts.

We have hundreds of, partly chemically very different ink types, primers and cleaners in our portfolio. Our stocking strategy has proved to be very successful so far.

However, as of today we cannot completely rule out the possibility that in the future individual raw material supplies for inks, primers and cleaners will run short or that supply chains will be completely interrupted. In such cases we would, depending on the product, inform our customers immediately and individually and recommend alternatives if requested.

We are aware of our responsibility that coding and marking systems, especially in the pharmaceutical and food sectors, must continue to operate without interruption worldwide.

We therefore will do everything in our power to ensure that this remains as it is and that we support you as usual in the best possible way with products and service helping you to get the job done.


Muehltal, 18.03.2020

Michael Neuschäfer - Managing Director

Wolfgang Pauly - Managing Director     


As of: 09.03.2020 - Current assessment of the impact of Corona pandemic on our ability to supply


To our customers and partners!

REA Elektronik GmbH develops and manufactures important components and consumables for complex manufacturing processes of our customers around the globe. This is done with a very high vertical range of manufacture in Germany, at the Headquarters in Muehltal near Darmstadt.

In light of current events, we would like to inform our customers and partners about the current status of our delivery situation and about measures taken and ongoing to minimize risks. In addition, we make recommendations for action to enable you to prepare as well as possible for developments that we can only partially influence.

Availability of components and spare parts
The stock and availability of components and single parts are permanently monitored by our employees. For our product families from the areas of industrial coding and marking systems, labeling solutions and code verification systems there is currently no particular bottleneck situation, not even for spare parts!

Availability of consumables
We are also in contact with suppliers of raw materials for the manufacture of our very diverse range of inks, primers and cleaners. As a precautionary measure, we have already increased our stock for defined substances or have arranged for this to happen. As before, we are still fully capable of acting and delivering in this area.

According to the latest interpretation of the situation, however, it is to be expected that restrictions may also be imposed in Germany in the near future due to official orders or recommendations. This could then also affect the free movement of persons and goods. Even preventive plant closures cannot be ruled out, should corona cases be detected in the staff or their environment. This is currently not the case!

However, if such a scenario would be real it could mean that we probably would have to expect a 14-day interruption of operations. We therefore recommend that our customers proactively prepare for such cases with a moderate and risk-minimizing stock of consumables and spare parts. We currently consider a range of 6-8 weeks to be entirely sufficient and advise against larger additional stock purchases of inks e.g. based on the expiry date information.

However, we also recommend that you keep an eye on the spare parts and service situation and contact us as appropriately earlier than usual, in order to avoid bottlenecks and impending system failures. Some of our most important industry trade shows have now been cancelled or are being postponed, which we welcome in the best interest of all prospects, customers, affected parties and employees.

Wherever possible and meaningful as a preventive measure, we are currently restricting personal visits to customers and partners and using online media as an effective alternative.

Should anything change in our assessment or a new situation occurs, we will keep you up to date.

We hope to master this new situation together with our customers and thank you very much for your cooperation. 

Muehltal, 09.03.2020

Michael Neuschäfer - Managing Director

Wolfgang Pauly - Managing Director                 

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