REA Technical Tutorials

Functions and processes visualized step by step

In our REA Technical Tutorials, our coding and marking experts as well as our code specialists explain in easy-to-follow steps how, for example, system settings are made on our REA TITAN controller or clarify questions that drive our customers. 

For this purpose, we have intensively considered your questions, identified topics from them and filmed video tutorials for you. In this way, we guide you step by step to success, provide real relief in stressful situations and are available to any of your colleagues at any time. 

REA VeriCube - How to measure correctly

  • Basic operation instructions for code verification and what to pay attention to when measuring with the REA VeriCube in order to achieve correct and repeatable measurement results.

REA VeriCube Adjustment and Calibration

  • How to set up and calibrate a REA VeriCube and what tools you need to do this.

REA TransWin 32 standard installation

  • How to install the REA VERIFIER software TransWin 32 and what you must pay attention to during the installation.

REA VeriCube Calibration

  • Calibrate the REA VeriCube Code Verification Device and what tools you need to do this.

Verifying labels with the REA LabelTower

  • Verify product packaging for correctness, readability and completeness and verify the print quality of barcodes or 2D matrix codes in a single combined verification station.

Teaching labels for random inspection on the REA LabelTower

  • Teach-in of new labels of a product package for random inspection at the REA LabelTower.

Various options for print optimization

  • Improve the print quality with various setting options on the REA JET HR Printer
  • Factors that affect the print result and must be checked

Code quality verification on glossy surfaces

  • Evaluate codes on glossy surfaces reliably and reproducibly
  • Supporting accessories: REA VeriCube stand, focus distance tool and small vise 
  • Settings are made in the TransWin 32 software

Creating a print layout directly on the REA TITAN Controller

  • Creation of a print layout using a best before date as an example
  • Adding a text object and a date object directly on the controller

Creating a Job on the TITAN Controller

  • Create print job by combining the installation settings and the associated print layout

Integrate a Data Matrix Code into an existing print layout

  • Edit objects in existing layout, increase label width and insert Data Matrix code
  • Create code content of the Data Matrix code directly on the controller

Change font size in existing print layout on REA TITAN controller

  • Edit font size in the text object by changing object height

Valuable hints for Shaft Encoder settings

  • Changing or editing the settings for the installation of the shaft encoder directly on the TITAN Controller
  • Check the chosen direction and speed of the production line in the installation and product information of the Controller 

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