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REA Elektronik - Single Source for Coding, Marking, Labeling and Code Verifications

More than 60 percent of drug and medicine recalls in the pharmaceutical market are due to labeling issues, which are applied to prevent life-threatening errors every year.

An incoherent process is commonly the reason for such mistakes. The labeling, marking and code verification tasks are usually done at different locations, which leads to missing production lot numbers, label mix-ups, and mispackaging. 

REA Elektronik changes this status quo as it offers ‘print–apply-verify’ from one single source.

Our various practice-oriented products show proven results in a wide variety of industrial sectors worldwide

REA operates in three international business units: industrial coding and marking, labeling, and code verification. Its REA JET TITAN platform is the universal operating concept for all REA coding and marking technologies across devices and industries.

“Our platform provides industry independent solutions along the entire production chain, whether for state-of-the-art interface architecture, designs for all languages, fonts, and symbols, or complete integration into machines as an OEM solution for mechanical engineers and integrators,” states W. Pauly, managing director at REA Elektronik.

REA Elektronik also helps maintain overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). It is a key metric for packaging operations and productivity. Simply put, it identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive. An OEE score of 100 percent means a company is manufacturing only good parts, as fast as possible, with no downtime. The integration of coding, marking and labeling systems sometimes come into conflict with the OEE of the entire system. But REA Elektronik’s high quality and tailor-made solutions ensure to always keep the OEE high, helping clients to benefit from higher profitability and lower manufacturing costs.

“Our various practice-oriented products show proven results in a wide variety of industrial sectors worldwide. For instance, our REA JET HR pro OEM, a high resolution inkjet printer, is the first choice for rapid serialization applications and developed for a fully integrated installation in machines and systems. Its controller has the smallest dimensions in its class and fits into any machine and control cabinet. It can also connect up to four print heads, and its extremely high-performance processor makes it powerful enough to meet future coding and marking demands,” says M. Neuschäfer, managing director at REA Elektronik.

Its contact-free printing product, REA JET small character (SC) 2.0, prints 1 to 8 lines of text, dates, barcodes, and logos in high resolution with print heights of up to 12mm. 

The REA JET CL laser system and REA LABEL ES labeling system are other high-quality and user-friendly products that ensure efficiency and flexibility to customers. The REA VERIFIER code verification devices for 1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes check optimal readability and structure stacked or combined optical codes, according to international standard specifications or requirements.

These products have been consistently helping a large-scale contract manufacturing organization (CMO) to serve their pharma clients worldwide. The customer uses REA JET HR pro OEM, REA JET SC 2.0, and REA JET CL, while controlling their processes with the TITAN platform and verifying the codes with the REA VERIFIER. The process gives them high process reliability and double maximum flexibility for production planning and meeting diverse coding and marking needs of customers, including many international customers with stringent requirements and conditions based on their market needs.

Today, REA Elektronik boasts a 400-strong company consisting of coding and marking, labeling, and code verification departments. Its continuous R&D in all product lines makes REA products the top choice in most any industrial labeling application, from high demanding pharmaceutical applications to the harsh industrial environments of steel processing plants.


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