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Grinding and buffing is a science unto itself and a skill too.


It is a fact that ceramic materials are difficult to be marked permanently.

Foam Material / Styrofoam

Alphanumeric characters and codes, closed cell or open-pored foams as well as styrofoam element.


Today, not only industrial packaging made of mono- and composite materials is booming.


Permanent markings of glass are often realized by light.

Leather / Skin

Many leather processing companies have to mark animal skin on the back – e.g. for a clear identification of the leather and color qualities.

Paper / Carton

Depending on the paper quality, the surface structure varies from application to application and from manufacturer to manufacturer.


The seamless traceability of plastic items is becoming standard.

Rock Wool / Glass Wool

The localization and marking of hot spots during the production process of insulating material is one of the remarkable applications.


Rubber formulas require material-specific know-how, sturdy technologies, longtime formula knowledge and a comprehensive portfolio of pigmented inks.

Steel / Metal

We are always deeply impressed by the adverse conditions how steel, aluminum or metallic products need to be produced or moved.


However, at some point any board, every chipboard and every laminated wood needs to get produced or processed.

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