REA JET One Dot System

Spray Mark Technology

The REA JET One Dot Systems (EDS) are particularly well suited to very fine dot and line markings. The dot size is configured by selecting the nozzle size and by varying the material pressure, and the stepless setting on the controller.


Products and Applications

Product Details

  • Type REA JET EDS: dot marking, even with pigmented inks
  • Type REA JET EDS II: dot marking, heavy-duty version with IP65 protection class
  • Nozzles sizes for different dot size: 80, 130, 270, 350, 500 micron
  • Very fine dot and line markings at a thickness of 0.2 to 3 mm
  • for quality assurance you can mark products with a dot to be recognized as either good or bad (use automatic camera recognition)
  • colored line marking for pipes, profiles and endlessly manufactured products (e.g. extruded goods)
  • applying oils, separating agents, soaps or process water
  • welded seam marking in the manufacturing of metal profiles
  • applying fragrances to cosmetic samples
  • wide selection of reliable marking paints and solvents
  • inks based on alcohol, acetone, or MEK, as well as solvent-based paints and lacquers
  • special paints such as water-based lacquers, UV and fluorescent paints, adhesives based on water or solvents, resins, heat resistant paints and paints for hot surfaces, up to 1000 degrees Celsius
  • approved cleaners are available for each spray mark medium

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