REA JET - TITAN Platform


The REA JET TITAN Platform is an operating concept for all REA JET coding and marking technologies across devices and technologies. Regardless of the sector or the coding and marking requirements, the REA JET TITAN Platform provides solutions along the entire production chain – from the state-of-the-art interface architecture and design freedom for all languages, fonts and symbols to complete integration in machines and plants as an OEM solution for mechanical engineers and integrators. Everything that is cutting-edge, future-proof and safeguards the value of your investment is already on board.

Operating options

Product Details

  • Consistent operating logic
  • Cutting-edge interface architecture
  • For all REA JET coding and marking technologies
  • Suitable for all sectors and all coding and marking requirements
  • Can be completely integrated into machines and plants
  • Coding and marking along the entire production chain with one operating concept
  • For all REA JET coding and marking technologies with inks, color or laser
  • No training effort required for further technology – once learned, everything can be operated
  • Time and cost savings
  • Reduces the risk of incorrect use
  • Free choice of operating options
  • Cutting-edge, safeguards investments, future-proof
  • Ready for Industry 4.0
  • Can be completely integrated as an OEM solution
  • Cutting-edge interface architecture
  • Full Unicode support: All world languages can be printed for companies with international customers
  • Support of all TrueType fonts: greatest possible design freedom for your printed texts
  • XML-based data structure and communication protocol
  • Integrated VNC server: remote maintenance tool for diagnosis and support as needed
  • Single, cross-device communication protocol for status monitoring
  • Integrated web server enables operation of printing system via tablet or smartphone
  • SSL encryption for secure data communication
  • Operation with gloves: rotary knob with button function for operation directly at the production line
  • Touch operation: Touch-sensitive screen for touch operation directly on the line
  • WiFi browser operation: using mobile devices (tablets/smartphones) via WiFi/WebGUI.
  • PC operation: remote control from desktop computer or control stand
  • Remote maintenace: remote maintenace and operation possible via VNC server
  • Keyboard input: International USB keyboards can be used to enter large amounts of regularly recurring text on the line

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