Plastics Welding

Welding with digital printing technology

Today, the high-precision laser welding process is increasingly used as an alternative to ultrasonic and high-frequency welding of plastics. 
A prerequisite is the reliable and economical application of a complex additive. In the past, there was no industrial solution for this. Together with partners, REA JET has developed a highly interesting digital printing process using REA JET Clearweld Primer for automation. 

Classically transparent plastics, such as PE, PP, PC, PS, SAN have naturally only a limited laser absorption capacity, making plastic welding impossible or very difficult. With the REA JET solution, transparent and laser-transparent plastic materials can be prepared with the REA JET Clearweld Primer, which has a high specific laser energy, so that they can be welded with lasers. Injection-molded plastic parts as well as non-woven fabrics can also be welded with this solution.


Applications and Products

Process steps

  • REA JET´s field of competence
  • Using REA JET HR printing technology transparent plastic parts will be economical and precise digital printed with REA JET Clearweld Primer
  • The REA JET DOD 2.0 system issuitable for large areas
  • The primer absorbs highly effectively specific laser energy
  • Automated digital printing of primer for reproducible, cheaper and better welding results
  • The REA JET Clearweld Primer dries within a very short time on the surface of the plastic part
  • Positioning or pre-assembly of a second non-coated plastic part of the same material on the already coated plastic part in preparation for the welding process.
  • While both parts are pressed against each other, specific laser energy is directed into the interfaces between the parts.
  • The laser beam passes through the upper part and the laser energy is absorbed in the welding area.
  • This generates heat that melts the plastic and welds the parts together.
  • After plasticizing, the two parts are permanently joined together.

Process advantages

The advantages of the REA JET Clearweld Primer Solution

  • Very good optical weld seam quality
  • Very good strength of the weld seam
  • Since the REA JET Clearweld Primer loses its color during the laser welding process, the weld seam typically appears colorless after welding.
  • No friction and no vibration during welding - particle-free welding process
  • Extreme flexibility in the contouring of the weld seam
  • Extremely high reproducibility, even and fine distribution of the primer over the contour
  • Very short drying time of the primer on the plastic surface
  • Suitable for automatic coating processes (high speed, linear movements, robot movements, etc.)
  • Reduced thermal stress on plastic components during the welding process
  • Short welding time and high concentration of welding energy, especially for smooth plastic materials

Industrial solution

The complete package from REA

  • Automation

    REA JET Clearweld Primer Systems can be integrated into automated manufacturing processes.

  • Future-proof suitability

    The REA JET primers can be used for the entire range of plastic materials.

  • Process control

    The contrast of REA JET primers can be adjusted very precisely and very reproducibly. The parameters for printing are continuously monitored by the system and can be adjusted online.

  • Efficiency

    An optimal and uniform primer contrast can be achieved and maintained. This ensures optimum weldability and optimum efficiency of the process.

  • Partnership

    The REA JET Clearweld Primer System is the innovative and professional application solution for the plastics processing industry for digital printing of high-quality welding additives! REA offers the REA JET Clearweld Primer System, supports process integrators and takes over the installation and maintenance of the systems through its worldwide distributor network.

    REA has established an exclusive partnership with TechnoScriptum based on digital printing with primers for plastic welding. Dr.-Ing- Rolf Klein of TechnoScriptum is a well-known consultant and expert in the plastics industry and in the field of laser welding processes in Germany and Europe.

    The cooperation between REA and TechnoScriptum also includes the exclusive cooperation with the US American company Crysta-Ly, a supplier of special chemicals for the plastics industry and other branches of industry.

    These cooperations combine the specific process know-how of Crysta-Lyn and TechnoSciptum with regard to the laser welding process with the installation and support competence of REA and a strong international sales network.

    The advantage for customers and integrators is a new complete solution suitable for industrial use.

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