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With the spread of the coronavirus, we all face major tasks: How can I protect employees, customers and partners from the virus?

Wherever people work together, goods are moved, machines are operated and surfaces are touched, contamination due to a smear infection is possible. To prevent this, the surfaces of all objects should be cleaned periodically.

Next to alcoholic disinfectants, strong lipid-dissolving surfactants in particular crack the virus shell and thus render the virus harmless. Infection is therefore no longer possible.

This is achieved by special cleaners against viruses. REA JET has developed an industrial cleaner especially for industry and trade, which is water-soluble and ready for immediate use: the REA JET Surface Virus Cleaner VC-1 200.

Simply spray on, leave to take effect briefly and then wipe off with a damp or dry cloth.

For automated surface cleaning within the production process, the industrial cleaner can be applied by using the REA JET STC Spray Mark Technology System. The compact system from REA JET Spray Mark Technology can be easily integrated into existing production and has 125 ml and 500 ml material supply unit, also larger volume is required. This means that the REA JET Surface Viral Cleaner can be sensor-controlled and fully automated exactly where it is needed.

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Product Details

  • Ready for immediate use
  • Water-soluble
  • Washable
  • No fire risk
  • High material compatibility
  • VOC reduced
  • No label required by CLP
  • Spray over the entire surface
  • Allow to take effect briefly
  • Wipe with a damp or dry cloth

Depending on the situation, the REA JET Surface Viral Cleaner VC-1 200 should be used in regular cycles, e.g. after each completion of a work shift.

In addition to protect from viruses, the Viral Cleaner also removes dirt such as grease, oil, nicotine, pencil, ballpoint pen, felt-tip pen, ink, soot, insects, blood, protein, coffee and tea stains.

  • Assembly and transfer workstations
  • For operators of conveyor and treadmill belts where people stand
  • Repair and service workstations
  • Tools
  • Wherever machine operators touch surfaces
  • Work surfaces, handrails, handles, keyboards
  • Vehicle cockpits, helmets, visors
  • For office and building cleaning
  • Surfaces in kitchens, canteens, social rooms

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