High Resolution Inkjet Printer - Piezo UP

The REA JET UP (Universal Print) piezo printer is an innovative, high resolution and completely newly developed direct printing system. This multi-talent enables contact-free printing on a wide variety of surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood, painted and varnished surfaces, with a tripling of the previously known speed potential and an ideal print distance of 3 mm. Alphanumeric texts, 1D/2D codes, graphics, company logos or product images can be imaged precisely and with high contrast at a print height of up to 108.37 mm and a resolution of up to 1500 dpi. Cascaded print heads print even larger images.

The REA JET UP Inkjet Printer stands out due to its innovative, patented ink formulation designed for high resolution direct printing on smooth surfaces, with high drying speeds. Inks range from oil- and light solvent-based inks to UV-curable inks for demanding surfaces. This can save label purchasing, storage, printing and application costs, even on difficult surfaces.

Thanks to a new generation of print head and circulating ink that prevents nozzle failures, the REA JET UP piezo printer reliably delivers a perfect print image even under harsh environmental conditions. The high-contrast print results also guarantee very high first-pass reading rates when scanning codes. At the same time, the coding and marking system achieves up to three times the speed of previous technologies. The robust and compact device design enables easy integration into any product line and is also Industry 4.0 compatible. Simple and intuitive operation is ensured by the cross-technology REA JET TITAN Platform.

Print quality can be controlled by REA VERIFIER code verification systems, resulting in very good code quality. These features make the REA JET UP ideal for secondary packaging that needs to be both appealing and informative.

Error-free and fast operation

Universal Controller and Universal Touch Controller

The REA UP piezo printer offers error-free and fast operation through two different controllers: the Universal Controller and the Universal Touch Controller.

The Universal Controller is equipped with a push and turn control, a numeric keypad and a cursor block. It supports the connection of up to two UP print heads simultaneously and allows a print height of up to 216.74 mm when using two print heads.

In comparison, the Universal Touch Controller is operated exclusively via the 10.1-inch display and has no buttons or knobs. Users can keep their gloves on and control the coding and marking system via the Universal Touch Controller's modern, tile-based user interface. The Universal Touch Controller supports the connection of up to four UP print heads, allowing a print height of 433.48 mm when all print heads are used.


Products and Applications

Product details

  • Piezo technology for high resolution and high contrast printing
  • Print height of 108.37 mm per print head for flexible marking of products with freely designed print layouts
  • Vertical resolution up to 360 dpi
  • Horizontal resolution up to 1500 dpi
  • Print head dimensions (W/H/D): 95 mm x 180 mm x 192 mm
  • Ink supply dimensions (L/W/H): 292 mm x 235 mm x 357 mm
  • TITAN platform as a cross-device and cross-technology operating concept for simple and intuitive control

The REA JET UP Inkjet Printer is versatile and ideal for various industrial marking applications. Here are some examples of possible applications:

  • Alphanumeric texts: Printing text, serial numbers, product information or safety instructions on various surfaces.
  • 1D barcodes, 2D codes and machine-readable codes: Marking of packaging for identification, traceability, quality control and high first-pass reading rates for efficient handling of history and warehouse processes.
  • Logos and pictograms: Application of company logos, dangerous/safety signs, product images and graphic elements for brand communication, safety and product presentation.
  • Variable data: Print date, time, meter readings, shift codes and database content for traceability, quality control and inventory management.
  • Traceability: create unique markings to track products throughout the supply chain.
  • Secondary packaging: Marking of secondary packaging, such as cartons and boxes, for optimized warehousing and logistics.
  • Packaging marking: Application in the packaging industry for marking product packaging, both on primary and secondary packaging.
  • Logistics industry: Use in the logistics industry to identify and track goods in transit, print shipping labels, and improve warehouse and inventory management.

In summary, the REA JET UP piezo printer offers the following advantages:

  • Universal marking: possibility of marking on absorbent, smooth and painted surfaces regardless of the industry.
  • Large print heights: Print layouts with print heights of up to 108.37 mm per print head can be freely designed.
  • Increased speed: Up to three times the speed of other systems.
  • High-contrast print results: Very good first-pass reading rates of codes thanks to high-contrast print results.
  • High flexibility: Cascading of multiple print heads enables a variety of applications.
  • Reliable print image: Perfect print image even under harsh operating conditions and at high speeds.
  • Innovative inks: REA inks with high drying speed, UV, oil-based and light solvent variants.
  • Next Generation Technology: Newly developed recirculating ink supply with shatterproof glass tank and integrated RFID reader to use the right ink.
  • Reliable nozzles: No nozzle failure thanks to ink recirculation.
  • Continuous operation: ink can be refilled without interrupting printing.
  • Cost efficiency: Low printing costs and reduced maintenance.
  • Savings: Cost savings from direct printing compared to label storage, purchase and replacement.
  • Easy integration: Compact and robust solution for easy integration into production lines.
  • Ease of use: Intuitive operation through the REA JET TITAN Platform for an optimal user experience.

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