High Resolution Inkjet Printer - Piezo GK

The latest generation of REA JET GK 2.0 high resolution coding and marking systems using piezo technology is suitable for direct, high-contrast coding and marking on absorbent and porous surfaces, such as wood, cardboard and paper, with a variable print height of up to 100 mm.

Text, 1D/2D codes and images such as company logos or product images can be combined freely. A horizontal resolution of up to 1200 dpi ensures high print quality with excellent edge definition directly on the product. The next generation of piezo inkjet printers is thus a cost-saving and flexible alternative to labels or pre-printed boxes. 

The colored and solvent-free inks of the REA JET GK 2.0 are particularly suited to porous surfaces and can be replaced easily during operation. The optional maintenance module enables easy and quick cleaning, with minimum maintenance requirements and optimal availability.

Proven in tough industrial environments and combined with the robust device design, the piezo technology results in extremely reliable printing even at high production speeds. The speed of the new REA JET GK 2.0 has been increased even further compared to the previous model.

Various device options are available depending on the coding and marking requirements and the installation situation. The compact construction allows simple integration.

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Product details

  • Print head: GK 768/256, up to 100 mm print height
  • Print head: GK 384/128, up to 50 mm print height
  • IP65 protection class: dust-proof and protected against water splashes from all sides
  • Hose variant for flexible print head positioning
  • Integrated variant for marking on side
  • Optional maintenance module
  • Operation via REA JET TITAN Platform
  • Porous and absorbent surfaces: paper, cardboard boxes, wood, textiles, fleeces, building materials, polystyrene, grinding wheels etc.
  • Variable print data such as date, time, counter, shift code or database content
  • Alphanumeric texts, barcodes, data matrix codes, logos, warning notes
  • Coding and marking of packaging
  • IPPC coding and marking on pallet blocks
  • EPAL coding and marking of pallets
  • CE marking on wood 
  • Marking of paper sacks
  • All-round coding and marking of fiber drums
  • Marking of OSB panels with logo
  • Coding and marking of pallet boxes
  • Marking of gypsum boards or board stacks with large logos
  • Serialization and track & trace applications
  • Many operating languages available
  • XML-based data and communication structures
  • Connection of country-specific PC keyboards
  • Complete support for Unicode and TrueType fonts 
  • Free choice of horizontal print resolution of up to 1200 dpi
  • Clean replacement of ink bottles during operation
  • Easily expandable to up to 2 print heads per controller
  • Significant increase in data processing and rendering speeds
  • Increased print quality, improved edge definition
  • More compact and integration-friendly construction
  • Higher-contrast print results for excellent first-pass reading rates for codes
  • Ready for Industry 4.0

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