Universal Bio Cleaner for industry

REA JET Bio Cleaner BC-1 400

We are now able to offer our customers a non-flammable universal cleaner, suited for contaminated workspaces and operating equipment without the hasle of label requirements.

Visually anywhere inks, primers and paints are used for coding and marking puposes, at some point prouduction facilities and production environment have to be clenaed periodically. Up until now, most companies have been accustomed to using solvent-based cleaners which are required to me marked if it contains haszardous or healthy damaging substances. Since most solvents are classified as flammable, strict safety precautions must be taken for handling, storage and transportation.

With the new REA JET BC-1 400 cleaner most of dried inks, primers and paints - not only those from REA JET - can be turned back into liquid form and then removed.

Non-flammable, low-residue and label-free

The perfect universal cleaner

  • Are operating with ink and paint-based marking systems
  • Have high safety regulations
  • Are required to comply with VOC requirements
  • Currently have a high solvent consumption
  • Have on-site fire load regulations
  • Have high healthy awareness, evironmental awareness and safety awareness
  • Free responsible for occupation safety

Easy, quick and clean

How to use?

  • In liquid form, without using a spraying device
  • Apply and allow briefly to react
  • Depending on degree of contamination leave to worl for a few seconds or even minutes
  • Absorb dissolved ink and paint residue with cloth

For external use only. Do not use for cleaning print heads and ink supplies, ink tubes etc. to avoid the risk of later incompatibility with inks and paints.

REA JET BC-1 400 does not replace the existing cleaning agents for flushing our printing systems. The possibility of using an external replacement cleaner must always be checked beforehand.

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REA JET Bio Cleaner BC-1 400

Test the new REA JET Bio Cleaner BC-1 400 free for charge! 

Get your free trail pack now and test it yourself while stocks last. We would be very pleased to receive a feedback from you on your experiences with the cleaner at marketing(at)rea.de. Thank you very much.

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