K 2022: Industrial marking and precise application

Specialist for laser and printing systems presents proven and new applications in plastics processing

Muehltal, September 29, 2022 - REA Elektronik is an internationally renowned expert in industrial coding and marking and code verification. The uniform operation of all coding and marking solutions of the REA JET product line via the TITAN Platform makes their application extremely simple. Also for the plastics industry, for which the application of materials for surface treatment has now been added - as REA Elektronik will be presenting at K 2022, among other things.

REA Elektronik, a full-range supplier and specialist for contact-free marking, will be showcasing its solutions from the REA JET product line at K 2022 for a wide variety of applications in the plastics and rubber industry - for internal logistics and process control, clear identification of materials and seamless traceability. Unlike conventional processes such as manual stamping, its coding and marking systems can be seamlessly integrated into production and higher-level control systems. They allow individualization of each marking and also rapid product changeover.

Where previously any attempt to leave permanent markings on extruded surfaces with water-based inks failed, today REA JET's variety of ink range with more than 500 standard and special inks is convincing for excellent marking results even on complicated surfaces. In addition, all REA JET Systems can be operated with the uniform REA JET TITAN Platform. This saves time and money through a lower error rate, reduced training requirements and easier staff deployment. And now also for applications beyond the application of logos, codes and fonts.

Inkjet Printer and even more
The REA JET HR Inkjet Printer is a multi-talent. On non-absorbent and also difficult-to-mark surfaces, such as pipes and profiles made of extruded plastic and plastic packaging, it applies high resolution markings with the best adhesion and readability with the shortest drying time. Depending on the size of the image, up to four print heads can be combined and markings up to 50.8 millimeters high can be applied. Alphanumeric texts and logos and variable information such as date, time, counters, shift codes and database content remain linked to the plastic part for its entire product life.

Even for surfaces that are difficult to mark, the REA JET HR Inkjet Printer saves users from applying labels and the associated logistics and warehousing. Using the innovative wet-on-wet printing process, it prints machine-readable codes and plain text inline and reliably on smooth, transparent and dark substrates. The Inkjet Printer, which is equipped with a dual print head, first prints a white ink mirror, which it then immediately prints with black or colored ink. The two then dry together.

REA Elektronik has now opened up another field of application for its proven HR technology: the precise application of functional chemicals using digital printing. The REA JET HR prints transparent plastic parts, which are also only suitable for laser welding to a limited extent due to their limited light absorption capacity, economically and precisely with the REA JET Clearweld Primer. The primer subsequently absorbs the laser energy and enables reproducible, more cost-effective and better welding results.

What the REA JET HR performs where precision and dot accuracy are required in primer application, its big brother, the REA JET DOD Large Character Inkjet Printer, does when the primer is to prepare larger areas for laser welding. REA also develops customer-specific solutions for the application of functional fluids.

Permanent marking with the power of light
The REA JET FL fiber laser uses only the power of light to create markings, codes and markings of all kinds with variable data. On plastic pipe surfaces or injection-molded plastic parts, it applies captive markings by color change, partly by incorporated laser-sensitive additives, which remain on the product for its entire product life and ensure its traceability. With its compact design, the REA JET FL integrates into any environment.

At its booth at K 2022, REA Elektronik will showcase the REA JET FL fiber laser integrated into the laser processing cabin. Its convertible concept and autofocus function allow precise adaptation to customer needs - from stand-alone manual workstations to fully automated networked marking stations, from the size of the process chamber to the laser power and placement of the marking field to the way the material is supplied and discharged. Visitors to K 2022 will be able to experience and take away a custom marking application: Using color change, the laser personalizes practical giveaways for our booth visitors, with laser-sensitive additives incorporated into the material.

Visit REA Elektronik at K 2022 from October 19 to 26 in Dusseldorf: Hall 4, Booth 22.

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