Steel and Metal

Direct marking of steel and metal

We are always deeply impressed by the adverse conditions how steel, aluminum or metallic products need to be produced or moved. That is when experts are among themselves. However, glowing steel billets, pipes and profiles, steel ropes and flat materials need to be marked inline as well. Machine readable data, colored longitudinal or product markings or just alphanumeric characters need to be applied to oily, rusty or scaled hot surfaces. . REA JET collaborates with experienced integrators who confirm the capability and sturdiness of our ink, color and laser systems day-to-day.


Areas of application

  • Marking of steel coils
  • Coding of profile pipes made of steel
  • Printing on large pipeline tubes
  • Coding of ship construction profiles
  • Printing on aluminium sheets and plates
  • Marking of steel drums
  • Coding of aluminum ingots

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