Marking and preparation of sheets and metals - digital, reliable, integrated

At Blechexpo 2023, REA Elektronik will present systems for industrial marking and application of liquid fluids

Mühltal, 6th September 2023 - Modern sheet metal processing requires reliable marking for its future-proof processes. REA Elektronik systems work reliably even in the most adverse environments and on difficult surfaces. Not only in digital marking, but also in the application of liquids, which are helpful in metal forming. The REA JET systems are on display at the Blechexpo 2023.

In a drafty factory hall or at the hot blast furnace, in a rough and dirty production environment or during filigree fine cutting in the cleanest rooms, on the oily surface or a workpiece that is up to 1,000 degrees hot - tubes, profiles, sheets or remnants must be reliably provided with information. So that people and digital systems can process them correctly can recognize and assign them at any time, and also trace them if necessary for their entire service life.

With its REA JET product line, REA Elektronik has a solution for each of these marking requirements and extremes, adapting the flexible systems individually to the user's needs and implementing them into the production environment. Special marking systems are also suitable for the application of liquids to prepare sheet metal and metals for further processing - they enable the application of coolants or lubricants, primers, protective coatings or process liquids with point accuracy or over a wide area.

All REA JET marking solutions can be operated using the universal operating concept REA JET TITAN platform. This saves companies from having to train employees for different technologies and also simplifies personnel planning.

Marking and applying - from small to very large

The REA JET SC 2.0 small character inkjet printer prints quickly and effectively on smooth and non-absorbent metallic surfaces - even in hard-to-reach places - using CIJ technology. It is the most compact system in its class - robust, lightweight and of small dimensions. With a vertical resolution of 48 pixels for up to eight lines, it prints alphanumeric texts, barcodes and 2D matrix codes in all languages and with all international character sets at a very short drying time.

The REA JET HR high-resolution inkjet printer eliminates the need to label metal components and the logistics and warehousing involved. With its innovative "wet-on-wet" technology, it marks hard-to-mark, smooth, metallic substrates inline and with sharpness, with the best adhesion and legibility, and the shortest drying time. To achieve this, its dual print head applies a white colored field and immediately prints machine-readable codes or plain text in black or colored ink in a single step before both dry together.

In the REA JET HR Lube version, the cartridges are filled with oil-free lubricants - for their digital dispensing for the preparation of metals for stamping and forming applications. With thermal inkjet technology, high-precision lubricant images can be applied individually and with point accuracy and great contour definition - and they are also misting- and aerosol-free. This increases production and operational reliability, because the lubricant is only applied where it is needed. As with the inkjet version of the REA JET HR, up to eight print heads with an individual application width of up to 12.7 millimeters can be combined with each other – to cover an area more than 100 millimeters wide.

Also available in the Lube version is the REA JET DOD large character inkjet printer. With different application widths and at print speeds of up to 600 meters/minute, it also applies oil-free lubricants without misting or using aerosols with point accuracy. The REA JET DOD is the fastest and most durable system in its class, delivering sharp print images even in dusty and humid environments, vibrations and severe temperatures fluctuations. The use of pigmented, fast-drying inks in the REA JET DOD 2.0 digital printer achieves excellent, high-contrast print results on non-absorbent surfaces such as steel pipes or aluminum plates. Texts, data or logos are produced at a height of 5 to 140 mm per print head. Several print heads can be combined for larger markings or lubricant applications.

The REA JET ST marking technology solutions enable precise marking of metallic surfaces with paints and coatings. Point by point, they print even in areas that are difficult to access and at surface temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Celsius. For high texts, marking blocks with seven, ten or 16 spray mark heads are used. REA JET ST marking systems can also be used to apply soaps, coolants and cutting agents in a targeted manner, as well as lubricants and fluxes for automatic soldering processes (flux). Likewise, sealing with protective lacquer is possible, for example in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, or the metered application of oils and release agents.

Laser marking - consumable-free and permanent

The laser marking systems from REA JET are completely free of consumables. The REA JET FL fiber laser is also strong in the permanent marking of harder metals such as stainless steel and titanium. With the power of light, it turns variable data into all types of markings, codes and coding - at Blechexpo 2023, it can be seen integrated into a laser processing booth. Thanks to its convertible concept and autofocus function, customers can adapt it precisely to their requirements - the variables range from stand-alone manual workstations to fully automated networked marking stations, from the size of the process chamber to the power and placement of the laser as well as the marking field to the material feed and discharge.

REA JET at Blechexpo 2023, November 7-10 in Stuttgart: Hall 6, Booth 6301.

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