The „Marking Experts on site“ explain Industry 4.0

Entertaining and easy to understand: The „Marking Experts on site“ explain Industry 4.0

Terms like digitalization, future technology and networking are currently on everyone's lips. There are autonomously driving cars, coffee machines and refrigerators that order supplies on their own and industrial systems that communicate and operate together. People, machines and products are networked with each other - everyone is talking about Industry 4.0, but what does that actually mean?

In Episode 3, REA coding and marking professionals Frank Debusmann (Sales Manager Germany) and Daniel Wege (Business Development Manager) take up precisely this topic and vividly explain the abstract term "Industry 4.0".

On site in the Industry 4.0 lab at the vocational school in Gelnhausen, they jointly shed light on the history of Industry 1.0 to 4.0, and vocational student Max uses a practical example to show how plastic parts receive their QR code by REA laser in production, which is then checked for readability by a camera. His classmate Johannes shows how the QR code can be used in the quality assurance to assign each individual tested part to a produced batch after the stress test. At the latest, it then becomes clear to the viewer what networked processes are in the modern manufacturing of Industry 4.0 and what significance network-capable marking systems such as those from REA Elektronik have. "Here you have your finger on the pulse," says Daniel Wege about the vocational school's Industry 4.0 lab. "And we as a manufacturer of coding and marking systems are also going down this path."

Be curious and stay tuned: Next month it will be "masking" in Episode 4.

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