Track and Trace with networked marking and code verification

Latest video from the "REA Marking Professionals" shows reliable systems for consumer and counterfeit protection

Mühltal, September 15, 2021 - Track & Trace systems provide supply chain transparency and consumer protection. The "Marking Professionals" from REA Elektronik show which systems ideally work together for this purpose in their latest video, which is online as of today. For this, Daniel Wege (Business Development Manager) and Frank Debusmann (Sales Director national Marking Systems) visited the company WIPOTEC-OCS in Kaiserslautern, which specializes in food and pharmaceutical applications.

A food or medical product is only safe if its origin can be fully traced. For true counterfeit protection, it must be possible to determine the location of a product within the supply chain at any time. To ensure this, many companies develop "tinker solutions" consisting of a code printer and inspection camera that they connect to production, reports Volker Ditscher, Director Global Sales Track & Trace at WIPOTEC-OCS. "Often, we're talking about three different subsystems - each one needs to be individually trained, exercised, operated and maintained," he explains. "In addition, the printer doesn't talk to the camera, the camera doesn't talk to the printer - in connection with the machine, there's an enormous amount of complexity." As an alternative, WIPOTEC-OCS has developed a user-friendly complete system in which the machine, printing system and camera communicate with one another for reliable marking and code verification.

For code creation and verification, the company decided in favor of systems from REA because REA "was the only supplier that could provide a suitable interface," says Ditscher, referring to the uniform operating concept REA TITAN Platform for all printing systems. What else spoke in favor of REA Elektronik and which REA printers and code verification devices are integrated into the overall solution from WIPOTEC-OCS - all this can be seen in the latest video from the Marking Professionals.

The REA Marking Professionals continued their search for exemplary solutions - and will be posting the next episode of their video series "REA Marking Professionals on Site" on the REA website on October 15. It will be interesting to see where the journey will take them.


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