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Our state-of-the-art REA JET HR 2.0 Printing System is the new product generation of high resolution Inkjet Printers and is based on the Thermal Inkjet Printing Technology which has been proven a million times over. With its significantly more compact design, it is even more integration-friendly and flexible than its predecessors.

The REA JET HR 2.0 inkjet printer offers extremely high resolution at high product speeds and easy handling via touch or turn/push operation on the controller. The fast cartridge change enables a print height of up to 50.8 mm, while each cartridge change provides a new print unit and is therefore maintenance and service free.

The printing system is perfect for smooth and absorbent materials as well as for printing machine-readable codes. The structurally compact, integration-friendly and flexible print head ensures maximum operational reliability and availability by monitoring the cartridge lock, permanently storing cartridge fill levels and automatically setting the operating parameters for the ink used.

Simple and intuitive operation is ensured by the cross-technology REA JET TITAN Platform. With a USB scanner, it is possible to easily transfer print data. A bulk system is optionally available to ensure uninterrupted printing for large throughput volumes.

Additional accessories for the printing system, such as industrial distance leveling devices for different product positions during the printing process, and a qualitative inspection of Code quality in one process with verification systems from REA VERIFIER complete the offer.

Overall, the REA JET HR 2.0 Inkjet Printer of the new product generation offers a reliable and efficient solution for product marking with high resolution and high product speed. Its compact design and flexibility make it the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

Error-free and fast operation of the printing system

Universal Controller and Universal Touch Controller

The REA HR 2.0 printing system can be controlled with two different controllers: the Universal Controller and the Universal Touch Controller.

The Universal Controller has a push and turn control, a ten key pad and a cursor block. It can control up to 2 HR print heads simultaneously and enables a print height of up to 25.4 mm with 2 print heads.

The Universal Touch Controller, on the other hand, is operated entirely by the 10.1" display and has no buttons or knobs. Operators can keep their gloves on and control the coding and marking system via the Universal Touch Controller's modern, tile-based user interface. Up to 4 HR print heads can be connected to the Universal Touch Controller, allowing a print height of 50.8 mm when all print heads are used.


Products and Applications

Product details

  • Thermal inkjet printing technology for high resolution and precise printing
  • Print height of 12.7 mm per print head for flexible marking of products
  • Vertical resolution of 300 and 600 dpi for high image quality
  • Horizontal resolution from 60 to 1500 dpi in 26 steps for optimal print quality adjustment
  • Print speed up to 762 m/min for fast and efficient printing process
  • Maximum print length of 13.8 m layout length depending on resolution
  • TITAN platform as a cross-device and cross-technology operating concept for simple and intuitive control

The REA JET HR 2.0 Inkjet Printer is suitable for various applications in industrial coding and marking. Here are some examples of application areas:

  • Alphanumeric text, 1D barcodes, 2D code such as Data Matrix codes and logos.
  • Variable data such as date, time, counters, shift codes and database contents
  • Anti-counterfeiting, to clearly mark and identify products
  • Traceability throughout the product lifecycle
  • Suitable for serialization tasks and track & trace applications
  • Printing of 1D barcodes, 2D codes and machine-readable codes on products and packaging
  • Package marking of cartons, boxes, foils, bags, etc.
  • Product marking in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
  • Marking of printed circuit boards, cables and electronic components in the electronics industry
  • Marking of wood and paper products and textiles
  • Marking of metal and plastic parts in the manufacturing industry
  • Marking of glass bottles, plastic containers, and other packaging materials
  • Marking of building materials such as concrete, bricks, stones, and pipes
  • Marking of automotive parts and components and for marking of packaging in the automotive industry

In addition to the REA JET HR 2.0 print heads and the two controllers, there are a number of optional accessories for the printing system that are available:

  • Various distance leveling devices for moving products of different heights and sizes to ensure accurate marking.
  • A wide range of product sensors to detect the position and distance of products and optimize the printing process.
  • Signal lights to indicate printer operating status and allow fast verification of print status.
  • The automatic bulk system with a 400 ml bulk tank for solvent-based inks to ensure a continuous ink supply and minimal machine and system downtime.
  • The bulk system with a 950 ml bulk tank for low viscosity liquids, especially water-based inks, to ensure uninterrupted ink supply and minimal machine and equipment downtime.
  • Customization Suite: Promotion module for printing lot numbers and Numbering module for printing counter numbers.

In summary, the REA JET HR 2.0 Inkjet Printer and its accessories offer the following advantages:

  • High resolution at high product speed
  • Easy handling by touch or turn/push operation on the control unit
  • Fast cartridge exchange
  • Maintenance and service-free due to replacement of the entire print unit each time the cartridge is changed
  • Compact and flexible print head that can be easily integrated into existing production environments
  • Maximum operational reliability and availability thanks to monitoring of cartridge locking, permanent storage of cartridge fill levels and automatic setting of operating parameters for the ink used
  • Print data transfer with USB scanner
  • Code quality verification in one process with verification systems from REA VERIFIER

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