Euro pallets - marked safely and traceably

"Marking professionals" explain in Video 21 how the international goods carrier becomes fit for the future with REA Elektronik

Mühltal, August 15, 2023 - Euro pallets are indispensable for the international flow of goods. Around 650 million of the wooden load carriers are on the road worldwide. The flow of pallets is organized by EPAL, the European Pallet Organization. The pallets are manufactured by around 1,600 licensees. And changes are coming, because EPAL wants the classic EPAL brand stamp to soon be a thing of the past and the wooden load carriers to be marked in serialized form. Among other things, as proof of authenticity and for traceability, each pallet is to be given its own individual code. The challenges this poses for industrial marking - a clear case for the marking professionals at REA Elektronik. For episode 21 of the series "Marking professionals on site", Daniel Wege (Business Development Manager) and Frank Debusmann (Sales Director national Marking Systems) went to Waldbröl in North Rhine-Westphalia, to the EPAL licensee CASPARI GmbH & Co. KG pallet and wooden packaging. The video is online since today.

In this episode the "professionals" want to do more than just explain how the marking is applied to the finished product. Mr. Jörg Caspari, Managing Director Sales & Technology at CASPARI, explain to them how Euro pallets are made in the first place. And they see how they are marked at the end - with the EPAL emblem and the IPPC logo for international plant protection. This is done with printing systems and oil-based inks from REA JET, which have been certified and approved by EPAL and also integrate seamlessly into fully automated production. The future possibility of serialization through the Industry 4.0-capable devices is just one advantage. Inkjet technology instead of branding stamps reduces the risk of fire and saves energy. "Employee safety and reduced costs - a well-rounded solution. We like that," concludes Daniel Wege before saying goodbye. Who says goodbye and which marking systems from REA Elektronik print onto the Euro pallets and how - that's what you find out when you watch the latest episode of the marking professionals.

Despite a farewell in the current episode, the marking professionals are already on the road again so that on September 15, a new episode can be called: "Marking professionals on site".  The REA website has published these episodes of the series so far:

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