High-quality cans and tubes - quality-checked and marked with REA

High-quality cans and tubes - quality-checked and marked with REA

In their latest video, the "marking professionals" explore, among other things, how the systems from REA Elektronik help with quality assurance.

Muehltal, 1 June 2023 - "Cream on your face, deodorant under your armpits, or mustard from a tube - none of it is out of the ordinary, but the packaging is." Daniel Wege, Business Development Manager at REA Elektronik, sums up the latest video in the "Marking Professionals on Site" series, which went online today. After a short break in their role as Marking Professionals, he and his colleague Partner Frank Debusmann (Sales Director national Coding and Marking Systems) hit the road again, this time visiting Linhardt GmbH & Co. KG in Viechtach.

Connoisseurs of the video series know: Wege and Debusmann would not have traveled from southern Hesse to Lower Bavaria if there were not interesting applications of the marking and code verification systems from REA Elektronik to see at Linhardt, which they present in their usual relaxed tone. With Plant Manager Christian Jungwirth, they visited the production of innovative packaging. They saw how "slugs" are turned into tubes and cans, and learned why the REA JET CO2 laser cabin for permanent marking is important to Linhardt. And they also learned about the role played by the REA VeriCube code verification system from REA VERIFIER. On the packaging line in the shipping department, they saw a REA LABEL pallet labeler at work, adapted to Linhardt's specific needs. "We have very high standards for marking - and if anyone can do it, it's you guys," Volker Rankl, Head of Logistics, told his two guests. To find out exactly how REA Elektronik contributes to quality assurance and logistics at Linhardt, watch the video.

The next episode from the Marking Professionals, who are always on the lookout for interesting applications for the Marking and Code Verification Systems from REA Elektronik, has long been in the works. And if everything goes according to plan, it will go online on the REA website (www.rea-jet.com) on July 15.

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