Coding and marking solutions for the plastics industry

We are always amazed at the speed at which new plastic types are still being developed. They find their way into visible and hidden applications. The processing and manufacturing speeds are also increasing rapidly. That boosts the importance of a semi-individual, professional coding and marking for traceability and for reducing cost risks. 

The experts from REA identify the most suitable and most favorable coding and marking procedure - depending on surface, material and manufacturing process. Hundreds of ink formulas as well as most diverse application options and technologies are available for the plastics industry.



  • Component marking for traceablility
  • Marking of extruded PVC profiles for windows
  • Marking plastic pipes with company logo
  • Multi-colored dot and line marking for product type differentiation
  • Application of location and position markings
  • Product information, batch number, 1D and 2D Codes

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