A single operating concept for all REA JET technologies

It was our vision to provide our customers a true device and technology overlapping operating concept for all REA JET coding and marking technologies. REA JET TITAN Platform named after the chemical element titanium, a sturdy, temperature- and dirt-resistant white-metallic glossy metal which can be used in many ways. Such as our REA JET Systems.

Your advantages

Advantages of the TITAN Platform are obvious. Once the operating logic for a REA JET product is learned and understood, other technologies can also be operated without further training. In addition to cost and time savings, the risk of human error has been reduce significantly. We provide you the widest range of operation possbilities available today. From interface architecture, design freedom for all international fonts, characters and languages to the most modern remote control technology. Every modern, safe and future-proof feature is already on board.

Designed for Global Compatibility

  • Full Unicode support: all global languages can be printed for companies with international customers
  • Support of all True Type Fonts (TTFs): maximum design flexibility for your print text
  • XML-based data struture and communication protocol
  • Integrated VNC-Server: remote maintenance tool for diagnosis and support when required
  • Uniform communication protocol for conditions monitoring
  • Integrated webserver enables print system operation via tablet or smartphone

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