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CO2 laser marking systems are part of the gas laser group: the laser beam is generated in an enclosed laser tube which is filled with carbon dioxide. The REA JET CL is suitable for the marking of packaging, glass, wood, plastics, PVC, anodized aluminum, the color removal on surfaces as well as direct marking of foods. In the creation of texts, graphics and characters there is complete freedom of design.

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Product Details

  • Laser Unit: CL210, CL230, CL260
  • CL IP65: Dust and splash water protected version
  • Integrated Pilot Laser
  • Laser power: 10W, 30W, 60W
  • Wavelength: 9,3 µm, 10,2 µm, 10,6 µm
  • marking of glass, wood, rubber, engraving and color change marking of plastics (automotive, medicine, consumer goods)
  • coding of cardboard boxes and outer packaging (e.g. in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors)
  • coated substrates (e.g. anodized aluminum)
  • direct marking of foodstuffs
  • laser color change marking
  • color mirror engraving
  • stand-alone manual workstation
  • the compactsystem is a convenient and easy to operate solution in low volume production to permanently mark products, for example with logos, product information, dimensions and codes for traceability
  • all-in-one solution of laser protection class 1
  • suitable for both laser technologies, the REA JET CL CO2 Laser as well the REA JET FL Fiber Laser

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