REA JET Laser Safety Enclosures

Laser Systems - Safety Enclosure

The REA JET Laser Safety Enclosures of laser protection class 1 are a combination of our REA Laser Systems and a compact enclosure for protection against laser radiation. Together, this results in laser cabins that are ideal for small batch operations - compact, wide range of applications and flexible.

There is no need for integration on the line with enclosure, protective walls and protective windows, as the safety enclosures are designed as a stand-alone solution. Nevertheless, we do not forego protection - only with us everything is much more compact and thus also more flexible. We are completely variable in our cabin design, depending on how large the cabin interior is to be or whether, for example, a rotary indexing module is required. A laser protection window provides a clear view for monitoring the laser process. Accidental opening of the laser cabin is prevented by an integrated safety interlock. And operation is completely intuitive thanks to a simple menu structure.

The suitable laser system
A wide variety of materials and surfaces can be captively marked with our REA JET Laser Systems. The REA JET CL CO2 laser, which is designed for organic surfaces, glass and rubber, and the REA JET FL fiber laser, which is ideal for marking plastics and metals. Depending on which surface or material you want to mark captively, the appropriate laser system is used in the laser cabine.

For the REA JET FL fiber laser, there is another laser safety enclosure that can be used - the laser marking cabine with autofocus function. This allows the setup time to be drastically reduced during the typical product changeover of small batches.


Products and Applications

Product Facts Laser Safety Enclosure

  • Suitable for REA JET CL and REA JET FL
  • Easy and exact product positioning due to integrated pilot laser
  • Laser protection class 1
  • Variable cabin design
  • External connection possibility for exhaust and supply air with flexible suction hoses inside the cabin

Product Facts Laser Safety Enclosure with auto focus function

  • Suitable for REA JET FL
  • Fast product changeover due to automatic Z-height adjustment with autofocus function
  • Easy and exact product positioning due to integrated pilot laser
  • Laser protection class 1
  • Variable cabin design
  • Layout display directly on the product, marking errors are eliminated
  • External connection option for suction
  • Marking and control tasks or for the industrial manufacturing process
  • Engraving and annealing on metals
  • High-contrast marking of plastics
  • Marking of Ceramics
  • Layer removal, e.g. day and night design
  • Foil marking
  • Marking of glass, wood, rubber
  • Coated substrates (e.g. anodized aluminum)
  • Color mirror engraving
  • Laser color change marking
  • Direct marking of food (fruit, vegetables)
  • Engraving and color change of plastics

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