Coding and marking technologies for industry

Always the suitable coding and marking system

REA JET's coding and marking technology includes all technical solutions for marking products and packaging with ink or laser. Our industrial coding and marking systems are continuously developed and improved at the company headquarters. This allows you to mark your products faster and more efficiently, making them to an important part of your production. 

Our various coding and marking systems can be controlled by a true, cross-device and cross-technology operating concept - the REA JET TITAN Platform. Once learned and understood, all coding and marking technologies can be used without further training. In addition to cost and time savings, the risk of human misuse has been reduced significantly. 


Large Character Inkjet Printer

The Reference in its class

The next generation is ready: REA JET DOD 2.0
Print head improvements which pay off for our customers!

It is reliable and easy to operate, it is robust and highly flexible on account of the consistent modular design of the system components, and it can also be used for the largest range of inks world-wide.


High Resolution Inkjet Printer

Mark your products in high resolution for best readability

The high resolution REA JET coding and marking systems print high-quality and high resolution barcodes, logos and alphanumeric information - directly and contact-free. They are suitable for absorbent and porous surfaces (paperboard/paper, wood, textiles, sintered materials and porous plastics - such as foamed plastics). REA JET also offers specialized solutions for use on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces.


Small Character Inkjet Printer

Small characters, maximum results

The REA JET SC Small Character Inkjet Printer is based on Continuous Inkjet Technology. A continuous ink stream is electrostatically deflected. The print image appears on the production surface.


Laser Systems

Permanent coding and marking with light

Wherever industrial laser technology is an option for production, users benefit from a marking system that is free of consumables and virtually maintenance-free. The laser technology produces a razor-sharp marking on a wide range of product surfaces. It generates individual, abrasion-resistant and permanent markings, thus ensuring safety through clear identification.


Spray Mark Technology

Dots, Lines, Extra-Large Markings

Color coded markings play a key role in many technical industries. In industrial applications, color coded markings provide information on the quality and condition of products, as well as information that regulates processes and specifies proper procedures.


Inks & Consumables

Standard and special inks

REA JET develops and markets inks, paints, primers and cleaning agents for virtually every coding, marking and spray mark application worldwide. The use of original REA JET inks, paints, primers and cleaners guarantees the reliable operation of our systems. With more than 500 standard and special inks in our portfolio, we offer a broad selection.



Standardized and customized

The REA JET TITAN Platform provides a consistent operating concept for all REA JET coding and marking technologies – for inks, color or laser. Alongside the REA JET TITAN Platform, we also provide professional software solutions for designing your labels (REA JET Label Creator, NiceLabel) or database-based software for managing the content and codes to be printed (REA JET Promotion Software). 



Tailor-made solutions for Intralogistics and Automation

Labeling technologies are indispendable in the modern world of industrial marking. REA LABEL Systems are a reliable component of the modern production environment and provide for dependable workflows.



Code Verification Systems

With the REA VERIFIER Systems, the optimal readability and the correct layout of barcodes, matrix codes, stacked or even combined optical codes can be tested. Either according to the international norms or on the basis of user-specific requirements.


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